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Industry leader in Anti Slip Treatments

Enhance Tile Safety With ONE Treatment

Save Yourself and Those Close to You Trips to The Doctor


1 MILLION. That’s how many Americans slip on their floors every single year – many of whom end up in the hospital. As a parent or guardian, you want the children or seniors in your care to feel safe and secure in their own homes. If you’re a property owner, you don’t want to be sued over slippery floor accidents. The solution? InvisaTread Slip Resistant Treatment for Tile and Stone keeps both feet firmly on the ground, and out of the air.


Introducing InvisaTread

Our slip-resistant tile treatment has been used to treat over 20 million square feet. We’ve helped business owners, property managers, and homeowners safety-proof surfaces worldwide. This all-in-one, game-changing, micro-etching solution increases slip resistance with just one treatment.


With prices starting at only $29 a bottle, InvisaTread works in 8-15 minutes, and – once you rinse it away – the surface is left renewed and enhanced without changing its original look or feel. The longer it sits on the surface and reacts, the more slip resistance InvisaTread creates!


Easily Installed – Practically Permanent

A DIY Solution with Advanced Anti-Slip Power


After just a few minutes, your surfaces will become (and remain) anti-slip for years to come. Our solution is easy to install, delivers PROVEN results, and will NOT damage your existing surfaces.* There’s a reason why we are trusted by health clubs, hotel chains, property experts, and homeowners alike. Showers, tubs, entryways, bathroom floors, and more have all been made safer and more secure, thanks to the best anti-slip tile treatment available.


Treatable Surfaces:

- Porcelain

- Ceramic

- Glass

- Enamel Tubs

- Honed limestone







The fastest route to the hospital? Slippery bathroom and kitchen floors in your home. Turn these danger zones into safer spaces for family and guests. If your home has a pool, you have even more reason to worry. Pool decks can become a hazard to people of all ages. Thankfully, you can prevent injury and ensure safety by applying InvisaTread in under an hour!


Commercial Pool & Health Club Owners

Is summertime on the horizon? Your pool will soon be home to divers and active kids. Want to avoid an injury or lawsuit? Simply add our slip-resistant tile treatment. Within moments, your poolside surface will be secure from slipping – so that you can sleep easier knowing guests are safe from unexpected accidents.


Architects & Property Owners/Managers

As an architect, you design homes or businesses with a specific appearance in mind. But have you considered current standards and how safe your space truly is? InvisaTread is a worthy investment when it comes to protecting your design. One application of InvisaTread, the best anti-slip tile treatment will save you time and money.


If the home you design is riddled with slip-soaked surfaces, then you could have a lawsuit on your hands. Take the time to secure tiles safely. One application of InvisaTread, the best anti-slip tile treatment will prevent new homeowners from having to call an ambulance.

Over 20,000,000 Square Feet Treated!!

Get to Know Our Trailblazing Non-Slip Tile Treatment


InvisaTread Slip-Resistant Treatment for Tile and Stone is available at and hundreds of distributors across the U.S. There’s a reason why retailers trust us. Our product:


  • Gives you maximum control. Adjust your tile friction to levels you are content with.

  • Is easy to install.  Three easy steps in less than 30 minutes.

  • Maintains your surface. Apply InvisaTread without damaging treated surfaces.* (See treatable surfaces list)

  • Lasts for years. Simply apply once and maintain a regular cleaning schedule.

Make your surfaces safer with InvisaTread Slip-Resistant Treatment for Tile and Stone, a simple anti-slip solution. Want to get your hands on a bottle of InvisaTread? Click on the link below and get it sent STRAIGHT to your doorstep.


About us


Has been helping business owners, property managers and homeowners for more than 12 years to  create anti slip surfaces.

Having the only product in the category sold through mass distribution like Home Depot, you can trust InvisaTread to help your family be safer.

We are here to help.  Whether it is for a large commercial project or to help make your home safer for you and your loved ones, we are here to help.  Simply call us and we can walk you through the solution. 

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What Our Customers Say

"I used this on smooth ceramic tile that we used in the bathroom. It is very slippery when wet. After putting this on, there is a definite difference in slip resistance when wet. It took 2 coats and 30 minutes to get the level of adhesion that I wanted, but it seemed to do a great job. Just remember, that this product does not change the feel of the tile when dry, but does make it have traction when wet."
By Dawn

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