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Stonewalled™ is a water based, ZERO VOCare, urban surface treatment for porous mineral surfaces. StonewalledTM is invisible and does not change the surface friction or feel. Once applied, it transforms porous mineral substrates into hydrophobic and oleo phobic surfaces that repel water, oil-based contaminants and other stains. StonewalledTM will give the surface non-stick properties, inhibiting the chemical bonding and absorption of pollutants. It also protects mineral walls from graffiti and inhibits paint penetration into the surface

StoneWalled Penetrating Sealer

    • Reduced Cleaning Expense
    • Full breathability of the treated surface
    • Reduced cost of application
    • Ultra-repellant surface
    • Chewing Gum removal
    • No change in slip-resistant properties
    • Easy ice and snow removal
    • Surface prrotection
    • Longevity
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