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Floor Safety In Less Than ONE Hour


Your bathroom floor is a hazard in waiting. Tired of dirty bathmats, or moldy stick-on decals that make your tiles and surfaces slippery as ice? Want an easy solution that reduces the risk of slips for good? InvisaTread has your back. With one application, your bathroom and even mudroom floors will be much safer to walk on.


All it takes is one application of InvisaTread for years of peace. Our anti-slip tile treatment is ready to protect your family against the risk of slip accidents. Increase the slip-resistance of tile, stone, and mineral surfaces with just one treatment of InvisaTread . Simply apply, allow to react for about 15 minutes, and rinse away for results you can feel when wet but can’t see!


InvisaTread Quart gives you the ability to treat about 100 square feet of tile in your bathroom or mudroom. If you need a little more friction, you can always repeat the process.


  •  Apply between 8 and 15 minutes. If the surface is still slippery, consider a further application
  •  Applicable to porcelain, ceramic, honed stone, slate, and much more
  •  Works on most hard surfaces of your choosing
  •  Pour it straight from the bottle to see the results


InvisaTread ships to the continental 48 States. Want to secure your surfaces from a serious slip?

InvisaTread Quart

  • Treats approximately 100 sq. ft.

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