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InvisaTread Application Instructions

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

InvisaTread Detailed Application Instructions

Tools Required:

A. Trigger Sprayer, Microfiber Spreader or Garden style Pump Sprayer

a. (Pump sprayer recommended for larger areas)

B. Two, 5 gallon pails/buckets – clean

C. Sponge Mop or Wet-Dry Vacuum/Extraction Tool (recommended)

D. Deck Brush (for pre-application cleaning, if needed)


Utilize steps 1 – 4 below on a small hidden area, or extra tile to determine

dwell time for your particular surface and desired traction. In general,

longer dwell time equals higher traction. Start with 6 minutes of dwell

and work up to no more than 16 minutes. Occasionally, 2 applications

are needed to increase traction to desired levels, rinse/extract 1st application

& repeat steps 2-4.

Pre-application set-up

• In 1st 5 gallon bucket, mix 6 oz. Traction Wash per gallon of water,

a 1:20 dilution. Use a higher concentration (up to 12 oz/gal) if very

dirty or greasy. Set aside remaining solution for RINSE step.

• Fill sprayer (or 2nd bucket, if spreading instead of spraying) with

1 gallon of InvisaTread per 400 sqft. Do not dilute InvisaTread.

Do not mix chemicals.

Application Process

Step 1: CLEAN. Clean the floor very well with the Traction Wash solution.

If necessary, use the deck brush to scrub the tile & grout for very dirty floors. Rinse the floor with clean water and dry. Use a wet dry vacuum or extraction tool, if available. It is ok to leave the grout joints wet or damp.

Step 2: APPLY. Spray or spread the InvisaTread onto the area to be treated. Use a liberal amount of product. Coverage should be about 400 sq. ft per gallon.

Step 3: DWELL. Allow InvisaTread to dwell for 6 – 16 min (exact time shall be determined by your pre-application testing). Keep surface saturated with product during the entire dwell time. DO NOT allow to dry out, puddle or run off. Apply more InvisaTread, as needed.

Step 4: RINSE. After dwell time has elapsed pour 1:20 Traction Wash dilution onto the tile and scrub grout joints with brush to break up residue. Extract surface. Rinse a 2nd time with clean water and then extract surface. Surface is ready for immediate use.

***Test traction by wetting the surface with clean water and trying to slide foot. If more traction is desired, do a 2nd application, repeat steps 2 - 4.***

Clean regularly with Traction Wash™ @ 1:32 dilution, to maintain your enhanced Coefficient Of Friction (COF).

Troubleshooting - if necessary

After grout has completely dried out you might notice some white residue form in a few spots over the next few days. This is simply a salt residue left over after application; it is not harmful and will be removed with regular cleaning over the next few days. To remove right away, scrub with 1:4 dilution of vinegar to water, or 1:32 dilution of TractionWash to water. NOTE: This does not occur on every application or every type of grout.

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