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StoneWalled Penetrating Sealer is BACK!


Navigating supply chain issues during the pandemic has been a great challenge. Since our Stonewalled raw ingredients come from Europe, we

have been unable to efficiently and cost-effectively bring our product across the pond and unfortunately had to discontinue this line………..UNTIL NOW!!

We are very pleased to announce that StoneWalled is back in stock!

Stonewalled Nano Penetrating Sealer is a must-have product if you have any paver, concrete, block, natural stone, or grout in your home or workplace. Its nanotechnology allows for much greater penetration and protection than other sealers. Protects against oil and water-based staining with the broadest range of contaminants. Stonewalled is not film-forming and will not change the look of surfaces so it preserves a natural finish and does not alter the look or feel.

For those that live in harsh weather, StoneWalled will help protect your landscaping investments. By keeping water and contaminants higher up on the surface; your surfaces will have shallower ice formation making for longer-lasting materials. Since surfaces dry faster, this will also help reduce the growth of mold and other pathogens; making for easier cleaning with lower frequency.

Unlike other sealers in this category, Stonewalled is so strong that it will even reject itself on a second application. This makes for an easy one-time

application. Great for new construction or renovation projects.

Get your Stonewalled now while supplies last!

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