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InvisaTread Post Application Maintenance

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Dear Recent InvisaTread Client:

Congratulations on choosing to have InvisaTread® applied to your floors to increase its slip resistance. You are now walking on a surface that has enough slip resistance to be considered "high traction."

How do you maintain your enhanced Coefficient of Friction (COF) surface?

Cleaning is paramount to maintaining high COF. The cleaner the surface, the more traction it will have. We recommend using TractionWash™ and the following cleaning protocol in order to maintain the highest COF.

Use TractionWash™ at the following dilution, for:*

Daily cleaning and maintenance a 1:32 dilution [4 oz. per gallon of water]

Heavier dirt or grease a 1:20 dilution [6 oz. per gallon of water]

Very dirty or greasy surfaces, a 1:10 dilution [12 oz. per gallon of water]

*Assuming utilizing a standard mop and pail method with a standard 3 gallon

mop bucket and changing pail water every 500 sq. ft.; 1 gallon @ 1:32 should

clean approximately 5000 sq. ft. of surface area.

For more efficient and robust cleaning; we recommend the use of a Kaivac Omni-Flex 70 machine or other wet / dry extraction tool. Please contact us for pricing and to learn more about this system. Extraction is the most efficient way to maintain a surface for optimum COF regardless of treatment with InvisaTread*

*Introduction of residue or foreign contaminants will reduce COF overtime. Always clean up spills immediately and put up OSHA signs per regular protocols. With proper care and maintenance, you will experience high COF for many years to come.

Grout Troubleshooting - if necessary (This does not occur on every application or every type of grout.)

For the next few days following the InvisaTread® application, you might see a few areas of white residue coming from the grout joints or on the tile surface. This is nothing to be alarmed about, it is simply a little bit of the residual glycolic acid coming out of the grout joint mixed with some calcium. This salt residue is completely harmless to you and the surface. Simply wash it away with warm water and 1:32 dilution of Traction Wash™. It will be completely gone after a few washings. For faster removal, extract the surface.

If you get some heavier deposits that you are having trouble removing; simply scrub with 1:4 dilution of vinegar to water, rinse, and then extract.

Disclaimer: Anti-Slip Solutions, LLC’s product, InvisaTread, is designed in part to help prevent slips and falls, and the injuries which may result there from by measurably increasing the Coefficient of Friction (COF) of many surface types treated with InvisaTread. However, Anti-Slip Solutions, LLC makes no representations or warranties that its product will prevent all slip and fall accidents and/or injuries nor be effective on all surface materials. Purchaser agrees (at its own expense) to indemnify and hold Anti-SlipSolutions, LLC harmless from any and all claims arising out of or related to any injuries and/or accidents which occur on or around Purchaser’s premises. Purchaser further represents and warrants that it has its own commercial liability insurance which covers possible losses arising out of injuries occurring on or around Purchaser’s premises, including injuries arising from slip and fall accidents.

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