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InvisaTread on Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has warmed the hearts of millions of Americans over the years. On Friday, January 13th, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will visit the small town of Joplin, Missouri. Unlike the traditional episodes, this one will be focused on more than one home reconstruction. “Seven Homes in Seven Days”, was the goal for Joplin, and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team was determined to succeed. With our utmost gratitude, InvisaTread is featured in the seven homes. On May 22, 2011, the town of Joplin,Missouri would be forever changed. A catastrophic series of violent tornadoes whipped through the town, killing 160 people, destroying nearly 8,000 homes.

InvisaTread® has been used in the seven homes and will help to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents for the families. While we can’t say much, we can say that these families will be more then pleased with their new homes! This episode features families who lost their homes, all of their belongings, friends, and children in the storm. During construction, the families were sent to Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, to relax and have some fun while the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Team of more than 10,000 volunteers put their magic to work. Tune into ABC on January 13th to see the final results and to learn more on how InvisaTread was used in this great project!

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