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Become a Factory Certified Anti-Slip Installer today!



Let's face it—slip-and-fall accidents are very common. Approximately 75% of falls happen in the home or close by, and happen on level surfaces within the home. Additionally, slips, trips, and falls cost employers more than $17 billion a year.


And when you're installing or cleaning a new floor, it can be hard to know where to start. Your clients have very specific expectations for what they want, but it isn’t always the safest option.

Becoming a “Factory Certified Installer” for InvisaTread is FREE!!!  Yes, FREE.  No guarantee of material to buy.  No franchise or biz opp to buy.  Just a quick zoom call to discuss your business and we will send you everything you need to be trained.  Warranty language for your customers.  Contracts for your customers and 20,000,000 sq. ft. of installed surfaces to verify that InvisaTread works and will do 2 things.  Grow your business and safeguard your customer's homes.



We are here to tell you that our InvisaTread Slip Resistant Treatment is an easy solution to all these problems. It's easy to install, (average project can be installed in less than a day) and because we have built a service that is of high value to the customer and extremely high margins on all projects, you'll get more profit from this than any other part of your job.

Your clients have young kids, aging parents, and guests running around on slippery pool decks and other tile surfaces. 

You owe it to them to offer this service!


The result? You win—your clients win—and the safety of their homes has increased exponentially!


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Limited Warranty

Anti-Slip Solutions, LLC’s product, InvisaTread® is designed in part to help prevent slips and falls accidents and the injuries which may result there from.  InvisaTread® helps to reduce the risk of accident by measurably increasing the Coefficient of Friction (COF) of the treated surface.  Anti-Slip Solutions, LLC, warrants that surfaces properly applied / treated with InvisaTread will maintain the increased COF for a period of three (3) years after treatment.  Should a treated surface experience a decrease in COF within One (1) year of application after verification by surface testing with the BOT 3000 and can not be restored with Anti-Slip Solutions cleaning products during the initial warranty period, Anti-Slip Solutions, LLC will provide additional product and labor to retreat the previously treated surface.  However, this limited warranty does not extend to surfaces which, after application of InvisaTread, have been waxed, or sealed over; or to surfaces which have not been maintained by routine cleaning and proper floor maintenance.  Anti-Slip Solutions, LLC reserves the right to adjust warranty timeframes for specific job applications due to higher than normal traffic or wear, provided that Anti-Slip will advise its customer of such adjustment.

Anti Slips Solutions, LLC makes no representations or warranties that its product will prevent all slip and fall accidents and/or injuries nor be effective on all surface materials.  

Except as provided above Anti-Slip Solutions, LLC LLC makes no warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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